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Our Business Management Software works on a cloud technology, which encompasses a range of activity from asset management to equipment maintenance to work order processing. This cloud-based management system is designed to reduce space and maintenance cost for managing scheduled maintenance of an organisation's facilities and assets. Its versatility makes our business management software adaptable for almost any use cases with some of the supporting features like asset management, maintenance management, labor resource tracking, inventory and procurement, etc.

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Kazi's Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading Software Development & Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai which helps every organization & market them globally. We provide complete digital marketing services which include Search Engine Optimization(SEO), pay per click(PPC), Content writing, Social media marketing, strategy planning, Designing, Google Adwords, video marketing, Email marketing & many more.


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Tracking system for vehicle Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management:

Concerned about the safety and whereabouts of your vehicle while drivers driving it alone? Are you concerned about your valuables, luggage or car safety? A tracking device can put all your stress to rest by providing instant real-time information about the location of your valuable objects in seconds. You can receive the information via text, e-mail or through a map on your computer or smartphone. A tracking device is a handy tool that allows you to track the whereabouts of your valuables like cars, trucks, ships and even your pets.

Kazi's Software Solutions, vehicle tracking offers a complete real time view of your fleet status and vehicle locations. Cloud based tracking software allows effective and efficient fleet management via any smart phone or desktop computer.

Hamama Analytics - ERP Management Solutions

Hamama Analytics ERP solution is a cloud-based system that is designed to manage your businesses from any part of the world. Our ERP solutions through its simplified IT structure help to modernize and accelerate business operations. Right from financial accounting, real-time customer response system or human resource management, we can take care of the daily business operations that are user-friendly and help save time and cost.

We at Kazi's Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. can also design and develop multiplatform ERP solutions for any industry like manufacturing or service industry that can help connect the organisations with the employees, business networks, and all departments.

Human Resource Management System

Hamama Analytics - human resource management system (HRMS) turns tedious HR tasks into a few clicks, Our HRMS software is so simple that all employee information is in one place so organized and simple to use! it enables staff to be in control of their information and It allows you to get an idea on your employee demographics Hamama analytics HRMS is so customizable that you can add any tables to fit your organisation's need.

Our HRMS solution is a cloud base technology that helps to access current data no matter where you are with an intuitive interface and powerful workflow.

Cyber Security – The Most Profound Cyber Security System In India

Cyber security has become an integral part of IT companies. Cyber-attacks have become normal with digitization. Cyber attacks are usually aimed at penetrating, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extracting money from users; or disturbing normal business operations. The Middle-east is undergoing a digital revolution. To ensure the smooth functioning of IT systems and companies it is very essential to have a profound cyber security system in place.

Document Management System Improves Workflow, Saves Time

Our document management system is tailor-made to track, manage, save and edit documents online without having the hassle to store huge amount of papers. It also helps record the changes made as and when. One of the most desired document management system in Qatar helps revisit the changes made anytime, anywhere.

It keeps the record of different versions created and modified by different users, maintaining the history of changes made. In larger organisation with a huge workflow - documents are prime and hence our document management system helps ease the flow of work.

Maids Software To Automate Your Cleaning Operations And Business

A Cloud Based Cleaning & Maids Software To Automate Your Cleaning Operations And Business Now schedule your cleaning business through our software just a click – faster, efficient and automated.

  • Accounts
  • Schedule Maids
  • Workorder Management
  • HR Management
  • Drivers Schedule
  • Reports