Document Management System: Improves Workflow, Saves Time

Our document management system is tailor-made to track, manage, save and edit documents online without having the hassle to store huge amount of papers. It also helps record the changes made as and when. One of the most desired document management system in Qatar helps revisit the changes made anytime, anywhere. It keeps the record of different versions created and modified by different users, maintaining the history of changes made. In larger organisation with a huge workflow- documents are prime and hence our document management system helps ease the flow of work.

The Key Features Of Our Document Management System

  • Web-based platform
  • Hyperlink to content in DMS
  • Secure & Instant information sharing
  • Instant and customised visual dashboard
  • Intuitive User interface
  • Workflow Management & Automation
  • Archiving
  • Robust search features

Benefits Of Our Document Management System

  • Version Control
  • Permissions
  • Attractive User interface
  • Universal format support
  • Simple Updating process
  • Indexing & Classification
  • Security and Access Control

Reduced Storag

Our software-based Document Management System (DMS) helps reduce the need for file cabinets, boxes and storage bins, etc freeing up office space. Documents can now be stored in less expensive locations, such as an offsite warehouse or vault

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Our DMS software comes with a better recovery and data back-up plan. With our digital vaults and archiving plan paper documents are protected from flood, fire, etc

Collaboration Ease

DMS gives the benefit to access information from multiple locations – subject to access as per the hierarchy. Team member can expedite work by sharing or accessing information from various locations. This gives a better workflow and monitoring

Easier Retrieval

Searching and retrieving documents is time consuming – especially when we know time is money. A tailor-made document management solution can help save time. A DMS gives you the freedom to retrieve files by simply typing a word or phrase, full text search, etc. It can also help in indexing the document. Through the DMS one can also access documents remotely wherever there is Wi-fi

Enhanced Security

Our DMS gives enhanced security and better control over sensitive documents. Access can be given as per hierarchy by controlling documents through folders, individuals and groups. Managed documents are traceable and can be tagged to allow automated alerts

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