While you may not need custom functionality now, utilizing an extensible eCommerce platform will set your site up for years of smooth sailing. KSS focuses on developing a modular eCommerce platform with custom features that enhances your operation flow and is easy to manage. We understand every business is unique. KSS creates a custom plan that is tailor-made to suit your business’ goals, daily operations, and future objectives. E-Commerce has extensively changed the way customers shop online and there is a huge transition in the way businesses sell and market their products. We provide eCommerce based customised solutions to our clients, giving them cutting-edge eCommerce software and other online services unique to their requirement.

Any esteemed corporation looking to develop a custom, well-branded eCommerce online store, then KSS offers the right solution to achieve your goals on a large scale. With endless features and functionality like strong navigation, powerful product details, flexibility, the ease to complete a transaction and much more we push the limits of custom eCommerce platforms to bring new ideas to life. From initial work of consulting and brainstorming, through design, development and implementation, your project will be delivered at a personalized style handled professionally and creatively.

Multilevel security

Security is always one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce business. Apart from SSL certificates and PCI compliance, your site should have a strong firewall and layers of security on login and contact forms.

Customer login

Your site should definitely let the customers register and login. It’s best to place this on the top bar for easy access.

Social Media links

Providing links to your social media accounts at the bottom of the page lets your customers stay connected with your brand.

Automatic site backup

Your site should be automatically backed up to prevent any accidental mishap. For an ecommerce site, it’s very important to always remain live.

Accept all payment methods

Your ecommerce site should accept most of the payment methods that are popular among your customers.

Security seals

Show security seals near the field where the customers enter their credit card information. These security seals or trust badges help to convince your customers about the security of your site and the payment process.

Apart from the specified, we specialise in mobile applications that are built on a responsive & contemporary design template with features available to all users at any time and from anywhere globally. All features and functionalities are designed flawlessly giving your browsers a hassle free mobile application experience.

Our mobile and web applications are designed with ‘ease-of-navigation’ techniques. Our navigation and search options mainly focus on giving an intuitive flow to the online shoppers.


  • Interactivity
  • Advanced navigation
  • Density of information
  • Personalization
  • Reach niche audience
  • Richness
  • Integration with social media

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