We at Kazi’s Software Solutions live by the dictum – “Technology to win”. Hence, we have been continuously upgrading and updating ourselves to keep pace with the rapid technological evolution. Although technology has been given a bad name as far as market disruption is concerned, we feel nevertheless the complete evolution of the synchronization between human development and technology enhancement has simply not achieved yet.

With technology giving a boost to the finance industry we strongly feel there is a strong amazing scope for financial inclusion for the people of all sectors because of technology. Hence, we have partnered with experts in this industry to introduce.

FinTech Solutions and state-of-the-art technology in Qatar and Middle East. We see a strong scope of alliances and mutual understanding on this front due to common goals of human development, like the D-8 bloc for economic cooperation.

We are involved in a wide array of modules within the payments and banking ecosystem inclusive of Research and Development (R&D) works, system harmonization as well as global networking. Our partners are experts in dealing with modules such as Switching (cross-border and domestic authorization, clearing and settlement), Cybersecurity, EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale), Retail Management Software, Smart card (contact and contactless), Core Banking System, Mobile NFC Payment, Central Bank , Digital Currency (CBDC), Ar-Rahnu Islamic Gold Pawn broking and Precious Metal Minting.team inclusive.

Our products and services are with unmatched expertise and edge in the market. With strong business and technology expertise within the banking and finance industry, we are providing a complete banking and finance industry and we are providing complete tailored software development services for Financial Institutions.

We operate state-of-the-art tools, technologies, industry leading processes, and methodologies to ensure quality delivery. We look forward to propagate the idea of ‘cashless society’ and maintain our benchmark for quality with cyber security as #1 priority, while dealing with financial institutions. We specialize in the development of software for financial institutions as we have resources with extensive expertise in conventional and Islamic Banking domain and Solution. Presently our activities comprise System Integration, ETL Development, Business Consulting, Project management and IT-enabled services to Conventional and Islamic Financial institutions.

Besides, we also have a comprehensive web-based suite for Remittance and Payments solutions for Remittance House, Conventional & Islamic Banks. The solution supports Online Remittance, Branch Remittance, Remittance Back Office, Mobile Remittance and electronic payment solution. This can also be customized to meet the needs of customers, which ranges from full Suite to selective modules such as electronic remittance, electronic payments, mobile remittance etc.

Kazi’s Software Solutions believes in harnessing synergies and working in partnership with our customers and extend our business domain and technical expertise for tailored application development to meet the consumer specific requirements, which may not be offered by off the shelf products available in the global market. Our services include software development & consultancy, system integration, support and customization, design and implementation of total turnkey solutions. Our current business partners are in Malaysia ( Komeps ), RM Technologies ( Malaysia ). We are soon going to extend our professional services in the United Kingdom soon.

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